Well, Proto Switch FS Paintball Goggle comes as good news for the paintball fans with its tons of features and extremely durable and that too at a very reasonable price. The design is quite sleek, at the same time assures of great performance and protective features as well. So, no matter which direction you want to see, the revolutionary design can help you have a horizontal as well as a vertical view.

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  • So, when changing the lens is the real concern, the innovative lock system, which has a patent 1/4th turn features, makes it easy to change the lens very quickly. This system helps in saving a great deal of time and making a quick move. The design is such that it has an outer frame that keeps the lens in position. It’s compact entirely, without any edgy corners protruding out, giving a professional look.
  • However, when it comes to the inner frame, it is too designed accurately to provide stability, which it achieves with the help of the platform that compresses the frame and lens together. Now, if you are really worried about the split frame, the design provides a solution for it too with locking features, which is present in both the left and right side. Assembling the entire system is quite easy and once done, you get the perfect stability, performance, and style as well.
  • The good thing is the lens changing feature, which can be done in seconds with the help of locking tabs. And, while you are trying to play in the heavy fog, Proto Switch FS gives an effective result with the triodical lens, which is equipped with the latest technology for having an anti-fog vision. At the same time, safety is also considered and the earpiece which is designed for uninterrupted audio also provides protection with a two-layer coating of foam.


  • The lock system for the lens is pretty simple to use and has an innovative design
  • Stability is assured Price is very reasonable
  • Triodial lens that helps in clear visibility during fog
  • Foam coating in the earpiece Nicely designed


  • The lower part may be a bit flimsy

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