One of the most important components for paintball is the mask that acts as a protective pad for the face to prevent mishaps. Masks or paintball goggles come in various shapes and sizes, and it is essential to analyze its components to select the best paintball mask. This guide provides you with the required information. A general paintball mask has four components: a Goggle lens, a goggle frame, a protection mask, and a goggle strap.

The goggle lens in a paintball mask is securely fitted in the frame of the goggles, and it protects the eye of the player from sudden impact and injuries due to paint spray. The lens can be flat or have a certain bubble type design depending on the model of the mask.

  • A goggle frame of a paintball mask can be defined as the place, where the goggle lens is securely fitted. Sometimes the goggle frame and goggle lens combine to form a new paintball mask. Whether your frame and goggle lens are fitted permanently, or it can be released easily is what most people look for.
  • The protective mask in the paintball google is that particular part that provides a lot of protection from injuries and sudden impacts on the face. The degree of protection provided by various masks differs due to a difference in size and shape. The masks designed for beginners usually have a larger shape which provides safety to the face.

Although not as important as the other components, the strap in the goggles is often neglected in different masks. Several straps which are found in retail stores contain silicon beads that provide excellent grip and make sure the paintball mask stays fixed.

Apart from this type of paintball mask, there is another variety which is known as ‘full head mask’ which is basically in the shape of a helmet. So, select your paintball mask accordingly and have the best paintball experience.