Paintball is a game of guns and ball of paints. Since the gun shoots the paintball with very high velocity, so it can actually hurt someone. For the body, we have to wear specific suits which protect the overall body from any bruises, but being the most sensitive part of the body, the head is more prone to any kind of external or internal damage so we wear masks to protect our face and head from any bullet of paint hitting us.

A mask basically consists of different parts having different functions. Either it is a lens, mouth area, ear pads or a strap; everything plays a different and a vital role.

Important Things

The first and for the most important thing is the lens which not only protects the eyes from any kind of dust or UV rays but also protects them from getting hit by the paintball. Since a single hit from the paintball directly to the eye can partially or permanently damage your eyesight.

A Lens is attached to a frame which can be customized according to your preference and that frame connects the lens to the mask making it more secure.

Now, let’s talk about the ear part. The ear part of the mask is a little fancy, but it should be thin and hard. It should be thin enough to let you hear the voices of others and hard enough to protect your ear from any kind of damage. Being sensitive, ears are more prone to bruises and can hurt like hell after taking a hit from a paintball. So always check their durability.

Cleaning and Prevention

When talking about the bottom part, the first thought which comes to mind is that it protects only the nose and the mouth but its work is more than that. A bottom part of the mask also stores the air for clear breathing and prevents the paint from getting inside.

It is a great feature since a normal helmet usually fogs up the lens after some amount of breathing, but this one does not let that happen and gives you a whole different experience and lets you breathe fresh air while protecting your half of the face. It also helps in preventing paint from getting inside the mouth, which is also necessary.

The straps are not usually that important. They only help in keeping the mask on your head and can be customized. They are also very handy and inexpensive. But still, the strap can be used to enhance the overall look making the mask more comfortable in terms of fitting.
A mask being the most important equipment helps to protect your face from damage. If you go into the field without the mask, then you will eventually end up regretting the decision. And in most places you are not even allowed to go without a mask, making it an important part of the game.

Overall Function of a Mask

To protect different features of the face and make you feel comfortable. But there are a lot more things to be taken care of if we talk about buying a perfect mask. There are a lot of masks which offer the best features. Other than protecting the face, their fancy design and different styles attract the customers. So, the question that arises is which one is the best paintball mask?