The era of paintball started a long time ago. Originally made as a game for passing time, nowadays this sport has gained a lot of popularity with the exciting experience it provides. This fast-paced sport requires amazing skills of strategy, teamwork and physical effort. There are several tournaments and paintball leagues having professional players to battle against each other. All they do is run around the area and shoot paintballs at the enemies.

However, this sport is pretty hard to play as sometimes it is difficult to register the path of the balls as it moves pretty fast. Also, paintball requires an amount of physical exertion as you have to run, jump, climb, crawl and duck at right times to be in a safe position.

  • How to get started on the game you ask? Well, firstly you could start by getting yourself a reasonably good paintball gun. Some guns are pretty damn expensive as they come with better quality and have additional benefits. For a newbie, renting guns from a rental shop can be an option to consider.
  • The next thing you can do is buy your protective gear. There are varieties of choices for facial masks from which you can choose the best paintball mask. Also, don’t forget to buy shoulder and knee pads for additional safety. One of the most important things that you will require is a decent air system. Few options available are CO2, CA and N2O.

The final thing in the list of requirements is a pod pack

You will need this to store paint. Nowadays there are small backpacks available that store 2-8 paint pods. Make sure you don’t run out of paint during the match.

Always keep in mind that during a match the most important thing is your own safety, make sure you put on your gear and carefully plan your attack. And don’t forget to have fun!